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Founded in 2002, the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association® is the international leader in alternative investment education and provider of the CAIA designation, the global industry benchmark. The Association grants the CAIA charter to industry practitioners upon the successful completion of a rigorous two-level qualifying exam. The CAIA Association advocates for the highest standards of professional conduct. Additionally, it furthers its educational mandate through the dissemination of research, webinars, videos, as well as its three publications - AllAboutAlpha.com, a leading online voice; The Journal of Alternative Investments; and the Alternative Investment Analyst Review. Finally, it connects alternative investment experts around the world through chapter events, networking and social media platforms.
Further information may be found via our website: CAIA.org/Haymarket or you may contact: 

Joanne Murphy, Managing Director, Asia Pacific - jmurphy@caia.org / Tel : +852 3655 0598 or Wendy Leung, Events, Candidate & Member Services Manager, Asia Pacific - wleung@caia.org / Tel: +852 3655 0568 for further information.